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Custom Audio Labs
Martin Eich, Owner
1141 Glenn Shaw Rd.
Edmonton, KY 42129-9214
Vox/Fax 270-428-3655


If you are looking for information about nearly any type of "vintage" audio equipment, you have come to the right place! Being nearly of "vintage" age myself, I have been working with various types of audio equipment since the time when all of it contained vacuum tubes.

Tubes or not, there are many different pieces of older electronic gear that, even by today's standards, can provide excellent performance for a reasonable investment. However, after many years of use and/or neglect, even the toughest old warhorses will eventually need some technical attention. Capacitors dry out, carbon resistors change value, corrosion creeps over electrical contacts as Entropy slowly turns our prized gizmos back into their base elements...

Custom Audio Labs specializes in the repair and upgrade of many types of older professional and consumer audio equipment. Extensive experience with devices manufactured by Telefunken, Neve, Helios, Altec, Ampex, Fender, Fairchild, RCA, Teletronics(UREI) and others, means quality service backed up with competent technical support.

Call, e-mail, fax, or write for more information.

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